Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things to do...

After my husband cuts the grass (months long, thank goodness we don't live in the suburbs), I am going to gather up huge piles of it to dry as bedding and to add to the compost pile. I am also going to put up a temporary fence to break the dogs' habit of digging in the garden.  I need to pull out the beans and plant greens.

I think I will make chicken luau today and taro patties.  I still need to pull that one variety and soak the huli for replanting. I bought a ginger root at the Farmer's market last weekend.  I want to plant some of that, too.  Tomorrow's religious education schedule has been moved from 10:15-11:15 to 1-3 (Mass and practice), so I should bake today.  I have a loaf of sandwich bread left in the freezer, so I think I will double up on English muffins and bagels, and make a lot of banana muffins.  I have bananas in the freezer, and I notice that the next stalk of bananas is almost ready for harvesting - it's a lot of bananas, so I need to use up what I froze from last month.

I have gotten the sheep to come to me and let me touch them.  I noticed that the white one who got bloat before I bought her (the owner went to a funeral on the mainland, and the caretaker let the sheep into the grain) is super thin under her fluffy hair.  I think her digestion is off from the bloat.  I need to look into how to increase her good bacteria and get her rumen better again. Maybe I can figure out how to get her some grain without giving to the others who are a bit chubby from being in the pen.  She eats more than everyone else, and I wormed everyone two weeks ago - so I think it is the bloat.

My son didn't make the cut for the state championship.  He said, "I died out there." It was voggy and hot, and he doesn't like to admit it, but he does have a history of asthma.  He did well, but it wasn't enough to get him an independent spot - next year!  Several of the XC kids and recent XC graduates came to spend the night and now they are relieving their disappointment at the skatepark up in Volcano.

My younger son is at a festival in Hamakua, in BDU, directing traffic.  A very small cadet airman.  I had to drop him off at 6:15, which is damn early on a Saturday morning.  I am glad he gets to go, though.  We never do any of these festivals, weekend work time is too precious, and he has been dissatisfied with the whole work-til-you-drop aspect of our lives these days.

My oldest is at her one 11 hour shift a week at her job.  That leaves one kid at home - good thing it is the one who likes to help out.

My husband reopened a whole can of worms at his old work.  He tried to correct some very serious misuses of per diem at this state office, and was pretty much harassed until he left and took a job on another island.  This has caused us harm and an amazing amount of expense.  While we were driving up to the race yesterday, he told me that one of the bosses at the old job was overheard saying, "I thought we were rid of those two guys."  I had been feeling a bit sorry for the two guys who might be in an insane amount of trouble, until I heard that.  I swear, if he is at church tomorrow, I will go up to him and say something. I am so not a confrontational person, but he needs to know what he did to me (the wife) and my kids.

The one boss who we don't think was involved, but was instead a victim of harassment himself (the inspectors involved in the corruption would yell at him and get in his face and he would shake visibly - then they would laugh at him) must have either known about the other state offices being investigated, and took the worst per diem offender off of projects which would earn this per diem - they guy actually stayed home for two weeks (called in sick) in protest.  Not very bright....but I guess that nasty look from his dad at the 12 and under volleyball game was not my imagination.

Opening all of this up again is scary and frustrating and also, paradoxically, hopeful.  Maybe justice happens sometimes.

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