Monday, October 25, 2010

Peeping of Chicks...and horses with sore feet...

The little pullets I bought yesterday are just at a nice age - they still sound like chicks, but they are feathered out and cute still.  The man I bought them from said if any of them do turn out to be cockerels I can take them back.  I really don't want two roosters.

I am worried about my gelding, Ohia.  When I cleaned out his hooves yesterday, I could see part of his sole right in front of the frog is peeling.  I can' tell if this is just the result of another abscess, or if the bone has rotated and is going to pierce to sole.  I don't live in an area where there is enough vet support that I could keep a horse like that alive.  It's very sad.  It could be that the sole is just peeling and the new sole is thin and sore - that has happened before, the one time he was as bad as he is this time around.

I am hoping my husband will finish the fence for the sheep pen today, although it is raining fairly steadily.  He moved a lot of dirt yesterday with the tractor - good thing he got that done because it would be too rainy to do today.

I made 40 whole wheat cinnamon rolls on Saturday - the family whacked them all but 2 by this morning.  Nice compliment, but I might need to bake some more breakfast breads in the next couple of days.

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