Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Waiting...

no lambs, yet.  This is a good thing. 

I really need to dig up the garden, fence it, and then plant the cabbages and other greens for winter. Collards do so well here; they are almost perennial, and I have learned to really like them. 

My husband got the belts needed for the mower deck for the John Deere in Honolulu ($100 each, yikes), so we will be able to have some cut grass.  It is so long it will make great bedding for the chickens and sheep. 

I love our John Deere tractor (small farm tractor), but the shop which supplies their parts in Hilo is very, very sad.  It took over a month to get these belts, and we finally had to physically go to Honolulu to get them. 

Tomorrow is my son's big BIIF finals for Cross Country.  I am so excited to go to see it.  He has a shot at making it as a state finalist, in fact he is feeling pretty confident.  I, on the other hand, still feel anticipation.  Kids run their best at the BIIFs and he can't get complacent.

Off to the doctor's office today.  My daughter has an appointment.  I am going to have them look at my knee today.  I fell on it and it looks a bit deformed.  It wasn't even farm related - I slipped on a wet floor at work.  Good thing no one saw me....way too embarrassing.  It was bad enough that the attendance clipboard clattered to the floor. 

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